Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Tree Skirt with Matching Ornaments and a Tissue Box Cover

It has been another fairly progressive crafting week despite the fact that we also had our first week of home education lessons. I finished the tree skirt our older son asked for and I made him a couple of matching ornaments to go with it. Although the ribbon takes away from the primitive flair of the ornaments, I thought it was needed since they would go on a Christmas tree. Last night I finished the matching tissue box cover for Mom's shower curtain. She didn't ask for it but I thought she needed it. ; )

The next couple of weeks will be spent quietly crafting....quilting my husband's quilt and working on some pocket size tissue covers that I cut fabric for a while back.  I have a little yard work and a lot of housework to catch up on, on top of the lessons and work so I decided I wouldn't start any new projects for a while in order to keep things simple.

Have a nice day!

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