Friday, April 22, 2011

Fast Week

Not only did the week slip by without me adding a post until now, I also didn't get any crafting done again this week either. That's three weeks in a row! It seems like I've been behind since I was sick a few weeks ago. I've been extremely busy sterilizing the house ever since. Ü Illness, holidays, and housework are the main distractions that keep me from my crafting. Does this happen to you? I love holidays but the other two distractions are simply annoying.

I hope to get back to work on a quilt top today though. I estimated about nine hours to complete it, so hopefully I can borrow at least four or five hours today to work on it. Tomorrow I'll spend most of the day working on Easter dinner and making a birthday cake. However I believe I can sneak in a couple more hours with the sewing machine. Sunday I'll finish preparing Easter dinner and spend the remainder of the day eating with my family. I decided that while everyone is here, we'll go ahead and celebrate our younger son's birthday as well rather than to bring everyone back out on Wednesday.

I just wanted to update you while I had a minute. We hope you have a blessed Easter.

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