Friday, April 15, 2011

Free Teacher Memberships for a limited time

We are going to give away free Beginning Teacher memberships every other week through at least June 24, 2011. You will get to teach five classes with this membership package. YOU keep all of the revenue you generate from your class sales. Free memberships are limited to FIVE new teachers per category that we mention. This time we are looking for knitting teachers and crochet teachers. This knitting and crochet teacher offer expires April 29, 2011. For the five free classes, please teach only classes that you contact us about. Please have your first class uploaded by May 20, 2011. Once you have five classes uploaded, you may expand your membership at any time to teach more or different types of classes. Those who sign up under this special membership will get to upgrade to any level of your choice one time for half price. This must be done within the first year.

I am also announcing these free memberships in the newsletter so be sure you don't hesitate for too long. Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in teaching knitting or crochet classes.

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