Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Quilt Restoration Underway

Good morning!

I hope you have all been well.  Storms woke us at 5:40 this morning and at 7:30 it's still rumbling. I got up and vacuumed since it was too loud to sleep. Now that that is done, I wanted to share a sewing project with you. This quilt used to be my grandmother's. Mom said they had it made for her 30 or 40 years ago. I would say closer to 30 years ago because they had me one made at about the same time, which would have put me close to 20 years old. My dad now uses it but it has several worn places in it so they asked if I could restore it. I'll do my best. It is a cheater quilt so it was difficult to find colors that were close for that reason and because of the age. Hubby and I went out the day after we were in possession of it and shopped for fabric. We picked out 6 yards of one print and 6 yards of another print. Once we got home to compare the fabric to the quilt, the brown on the second print was too dark. The brown on the first one was almost perfect. Later in the week, I got the thread to match the brown and about $75 later I was off to the races.

Most of the damage is along the edges. I have hand sewn the new fabric to one edge and started on the opposite edge this morning. I have found one place off of the edge that needs repair. Hopefully I can find a close print in my stash to fix that.

Below are images of the heavily damaged edges and the new fabric we bought to make the repairs. The new fabric looks much brighter in the photo than in person.

Have a nice day!

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