Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Update on Morning Run Painting

There's no since in me fooling myself. This was destined to be a brief craft week. I  had only two days earlier in the week to work on this project so there isn't much progress to report. A little bit is better than nothing to report I suppose. The rest of the week is full of things to do around the house. I still have more black to add to the painting before I finish with that color. Hopefully I can finish the black and move on to a new color early next week. The black is more abundant and more scattered than the dark blue was so that's why it is taking longer. Anyway, I did drag out my magnifying clip-ons so that has made it easier to see those tiny numbers on this board.

We managed to place two deterrents at the kitchen door to keep the cat out so I could get more work done instead of more running back and forth to keep her off the counter tops. We placed a motion activated alarm at the doorway to know when she went near the door. That was to be used until we got the 41" high gate to place at the entryway to the kitchen. But we continue to use the alarm even though the gate is up because little smarty can squeeze through the 2 1/2" openings between the rails. She doesn't like the alarm so that remains our main deterrent at the moment. We will put something else up to prevent her from going through the rails now. Progress. All progress.

Have a nice day!

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