Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Plastic Canvas Butterfly Tissue Box Cover

My crafting endeavor began with plastic canvas about fourteen years ago. I did that for probably two or three years before I moved forward with all my other craft interests. PC, as it is lovingly called by most crafters, is fun because you can make so many things with the rigid, yet flexible, canvas. There is more rigid canvas available as well. There is no need to use a hoop because of its rigidity. Similar to cross stitch, yarn is usually used instead of floss. And the half cross stitch is implemented instead of the full cross stitch. It is a relatively inexpensive hobby. And it's easy to learn.

When Herrschners had these tissue box cover kits on sale, I couldn't help but to buy a couple of them to work on. I have three more sides to finish on this one then I will show you the completed project. Speaking of Herrshcners, I have three more boxes of projects arriving today. They were having an amazing sell the other day that I just couldn't pass up!

Have a nice day!

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