Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring Life is Busy

Good morning everyone,

I hope all of you are doing well. I'm just dropping by again this week to let you know I may not post for a while if life goes the way I am planning. With spring approaching, we are ready to prep and stain the deck. It has to be cleaned, allowed to dry for a couple of days then stained and painted (which may take 3 or 4 days since it is a 30' x 8' deck) during a dry break in the weather. The temps have to be not too cold nor too hot as well so hopefully I can get a few days this month that this will work out. At the moment it is too cold and will be for just a while longer. We are also going to begin repair on the termite damage in the living room this weekend. All of us will be pulling out the damaged wood in a couple of small areas (thank the Lord) and our son will spackle the walls where Terminix punched holes for the termite treatment before Thanksgiving and where the termites tunneled through. I have nominated myself for sanding and painting after the initial work is finished. Thankfully it is just a small area that will need the work. It could have been so much worse. You can believe we will keep up the annual termite treatments for life. Anyway, that should be done within a couple of weeks so I can then concentrate on the deck if the weather is cooperating by the end of March.

That along with the new cat and other outdoor spring projects to be announced later may slow down crafts in progress for a while. Oh! And our younger son is about ready for driving lessons. Life will be fun and busy all spring and summer. But crafts will slowly get completed as time allows. It has to rain sometime. Ü

Have a nice day!

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