Monday, November 11, 2013

Burlap Projects and Pinecone Wreath

Hi everyone!

I was able to finish one more item for the craft show over the weekend. With the heat coming on more frequently, I noticed more dust was on the furniture than I normally would see so I decided to clean the house Saturday. Yesterday, I spent  more time on Pinterest than I should have. I hadn't done that in a while. BUT I saw another CUTE, CUTE, CUTE idea to make from burlap. So off we went to Hancock Fabric for more burlap. I had seen another cute idea a while back so I'll try it too now that I have more burlap. Both will be nice for package decorations. What is left over will be for more wreaths and one more idea I thought of on my own. Not your typical burlap item so I hope it will go over well.

I still have tons of fleece I haven't made the first cut in so I want to work with that some this week too. My son still has one week of lessons before he starts his Thanksgiving break. I plan to do lots of cleaning and cooking during his break but should be able to work on a few projects. At the very least, you know that any item you buy from us is clean. Ü Cleaning slows down production but I can't stand a dirty house.

Oh! I bought 1400 + Tamarack pinecones over the weekend so I can make my pinecone wreath. I had some pinecones that can be bought in any local store but they are so big I can't make them work [the way I want them to] so I thought maybe I should try small pinecones. If this works out, there will be other small cones I will use on future pinecone wreaths.

I will be posting progress reports throughout the week as I complete projects. I will go for now as I have a busy Monday waiting for me.

Have a nice day!

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