Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cross Stitch

Please visit our in-house cross stitch expert at the following link: Leeann offers a variety simple cross stitch projects that are quick to complete. defines cross stitch as follows:
cross-stitch (krôsstch, krs-)
1. A double stitch forming an X in sewing and embroidery.
2. Needlework made with X-shaped stitches.

v. cross-stitched, cross-stitch·ing, cross-stitch·es
To make or embroider with X-shaped stitches.

To work in the fashion of X-shaped stitches.

Cross stitch is a very simple and fun embroidery process that makes a great on-the-go project to take along when you have to be stuck in waiting rooms, plane trips, or be away from home (i.e. vacation) for an extended period of time.

You may wonder why I suggest cross stitch for this. Embroidery floss is sold in small, easily totable skeins. You can actually take several skiens with you without weighing yourself down. Cross stitch cloth, Aida and others, do not take up much room either. The small scissors, hoops and needles pack easily with the other supplies.

If you are new to cross stitching and do plan to travel by plane, you should know that only blunt tipped scissors are acceptable for air travel since the 9/11 events. Other public transportation may have adopted this as well so check before traveling.

Have a nice day!

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