Thursday, October 25, 2012

Placemats, Stepping Stones and Homespun Ornaments

It has been a very busy week. For me, lots has gotten accomplished. I finished cleaning the carpet Monday. That was a 3 day stint. Then I was able to get back to my sewing machine and craft table to finish up a few projects. I also worked on a special tote pattern request. After about 10 hours of not being able to get that to work out, I am going to ask if we can work on a nice set of placemats or a valance or a cushion instead. It will still be cute. I just cannot get it to work out in tote form. This is the first challenge I have had to back down from since I started creating patterns about 10 years ago. Thanks for dropping by to read about my week in crafts.

This was a custom order that came in late last Friday - four placemats, a 16" x 48" valance, and a 220" x 5" muslin strip. That strip took about 3 hours to complete. LOL! I thought that would be the easiest of the 6 items that I made for this order. It took only about 3 hours to finish all of the other 5 items.

Our older son made these stepping stones. They turned out really cute so I wanted to share them here.  I had mentioned that I'd like to make some and the rascal beat me to it. So I asked for his "recipe". So far, all I have gotten from him is to follow the directions on the concrete bag. He used glass in his stones. I think I  may use colored rocks when I make mine.

I think most of you are beginning to realize how much I enjoy making these quilted ornaments by now. Here is a set of blue homespun with jute string glued around the center piece. I decided to use jute as the hanger and created a small bow to glue to the top along with a rusty bell. In the center on each side I added blue ribbons and star shaped buttons.

I used the jute on these red ornaments as well. On the center of each side of these, I glued red heart buttons

Have a nice day!

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