Monday, February 20, 2012

I Knitted a Toboggan!

I finally grabbed a couple of hours to play with my new knitting looms over the weekend and made this adorable tiny toboggan. I'm really looking forward to creating lots more knitted items. Thanks for dropping by to take a peek.


  1. Awesome Trish. I am still working on a pair of

  2. Thanks Randi. I'm proud of my first project. But there are so many things I want to learn to make on my little looms. I hope I can find time to experiment.

  3. You just need to set aside some "You" Time do do what you want. After churning out 24 classes in 2 months, I'm doing the me thing now for the foreseeable future.

    I got my Beauty and the Beast kit and I plan on logging some serious hours on it. This piece is for me. so teaching, charity, selling..will all take a back burner till I tire of my magnificent work of art. I love Thomas Kinkade's work and will be collecting every single kit they put out based on his Disney Dreams series....