Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finished my Dad's Quilt!

I told you I'd finish the quilt this week.....after 8 months of working on it. I'm so excited! Below are a few pictures. Click on them to enlarge. Finished size is 75" x 89". I machine pieced the 1,144 squares together then hand quilted about 15,000 stitches. Only the length is quilted as you can see in the last photo but you can only tell from the back. For those who are just finding out about this quilt, it is titled Dad's Diamond because of the pattern in the center. You can see the border at the top of the quilt in the first photo. That border is around all four sides and is supposed to mimic the sparkle of a diamond. The pictures really don't do the quilt justice but I think you can see enough of the details to appreciate the work. All in all, only 77 hours went into the entire project. Finding those 77 hours was the most difficult. Fifteen of those hours were dedicated to the quilt this week. This has been one of the slowest weeks I have had during the entire 8 months.

Hubby's quilt is next. LOL! But not before I get a few classes finished.

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