Monday, October 10, 2011

Finished a Doll!

I finished a new doll Friday. Actually I made 3 of the one pictured below. One went to my mom and the other to my future daughter-in-law. I took Saturday off to enjoy with the family. Sunday I caught up on the work around the house that I let go Friday and Saturday. Today I'm back to work on my dad's quilt. I WILL finish it this week.  I'll post pictures by the end of the week. Really!

While we were out Saturday I saw a quilt I really wanted but the lady wanted $400 for it. Yes it was worth it but I'm light on cash right now. So I'll make a similar one for myself. A smaller one should cost me less than $100. It isn't instant gratification but I'll eventually have one.

I have a private rag quilt class to create for a lady who recently purchased one of my rag quilts so I'll work on that this week also. And I'll start on a new doll class for you all as well. Two for one actually! Then a small quilt class will be a three for one offer. I want to have these classes ready in time for you all to make them as gifts for Christmas.

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