Monday, November 7, 2016

Selecting Thread for a Hand Quilting Project

From past experience, I know that some threads will shred as I hand quilt. From the time that happened, I have always used hand quilting thread - until this quilt project I'm about to start on. I was unable to find Coats and Clark Double Duty Plus hand quilting thread in the color Juniper. So, I sucked in a deep breath and bought All Purpose Juniper. I'm fairly certain, machine quilting thread was the type that shredded on me when I was hand quilting for the first time. I will report how the All Purpose thread holds up after I quilt a considerable amount of stitches. I am really hopeful this will work because my old eyes cannot see the lighter neutral shades on that homespun fabric very well. And I don't want to use black on a Christmas quilt. I hope to have a report ready for you by the next time I post in two weeks.

Have a nice day!

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