Monday, October 10, 2016

Should You Make Homemade Christmas Gifts?

If you've spent quite a bit of money and several hours making a gift for someone who turns up their nose at homemade gifts, you'll understand why this question needs to be answered. Some people think homemade gifts are a way for crafters to get out of spending money. In reality, every crafter knows that supplies aren't cheap and the time spent creating something by hand means the recipient is getting something unique and carefully thought out.

However, some people don't like homemade gifts for one reason or another. Stick to the store bought stuff for these people who likely have only modern fashion in their homes. If someone on your list enjoys visiting craft shows, likes antique looking items, quilts or rag dolls, there's a good chance she will enjoy your homemade gifts.

Be sure you can make a gift that fits in well with the recipient's other collectibles and home d├ęcor. For example, primitive colonial doesn't fit in with shabby chic beach accents. For all the others who won't appreciate your hard work, save money and time by buying them a store bought gift.

Have a nice day!

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