Thursday, August 4, 2016

Print and Quilt Lessons

This lesson is way overdue. I'm so sorry. Now that I'm almost finished with the Winter Cabins quilt, I thought I'd try to get a quick lesson posted for you.

This is really very simple and it's so much easier than tracing or using a chalk pounce. I've only used this technique for hand quilting. I'd love to see if you're able to use it for free motion quilting on your sewing machine.

  1. Select your quilt design and print it. Cut it to the size you need. This is a border design, so I cut it to three inches wide for my border size, then cut it to the original length. Obviously, I had to print several of these in order to quilt the entire border.

2. Crumble the paper as shown above. I do this two or three times so it will be very pliable for quilting.

3. When you open the paper, it's very wrinkled. That's good! This makes it move as easily as your fabric.

4. Pin the wrinkled paper to the quilt and quilt.

5. Quilt over the paper.

6. Gently pull the paper off to reveal your hand-quilted design.

Have a nice day!

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