Monday, January 18, 2016

Cross Stitch Lesson 2: Preparing to Cross Stitch

Today, we will prepare our project for cross stitching and go over some important details you should know before placing your first stitch.

1. Separate your hoop or frame.

2. Fold your cross stitch fabric in half.

3. Fold the fabric in half again.

4. Unfold the fabric. The center of the fabric can be seen where the folds crossed. 

5. Place fabric over the bottom section of the hoop with the fabric center (that you found by folding) in the center of the hoop (close is good Ü - no need to bring out the digital measuring devices).

6. Place the top part of the hoop or frame over the fabric and tighten it by whichever method is available. In the case of the hoop, a screw tightens the hoop. The fabric should be about as tight as a drum.

7. Keep your color photo of the finished design nearby for reference from time to time.

8. On your chart/pattern, you'll see different symbols. Click on the image to enlarge it if you want to see the symbols on my example.

9. These symbols represent colors. Refer to your symbol chart provided to match the symbols to the colors, which are represented by a number. Most kits will provide floss and the holder, which shows the numbers of each color. TIP: I like to punch holes above the numbers to hold my floss after I have removed it from card. Doing this makes it easier to keep up with my floss.

10. On top of the color/symbol chart are rows that show you how to place your stitches. For this one, cross stitch, back stitch, and the French knot are used. 

Below are the YouTube videos I have made for these stitches that may be helpful for you when we begin to stitch next week. For some reason, I told you to knot your yarn or floss in these videos. I have NO idea why I was saying that except that I was knotting it in order to more easily show the process from the front. This is the first time I have watched these since I made them last year. Knotting floss is a huge no-no in cross stitching! Keep that in mind as you watch and perhaps practice. Next week, I will show you how to properly anchor your floss and begin stitching. 

Have a nice day!

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