Thursday, August 13, 2015

Working on a Hand Quilting Project

My 38 year old second cousin died nearly two weeks ago from cardiac arrest four days after she gave birth to her baby boy. My mom called and asked if I had any quilts made and I did not. She wants to give one to my cousin (the mother of my second cousin). I told her I would make one though. In order to have something ready by Christmas, I bought a pretty cheater quilt top off of Ebay and I'm hand quilting it.

Anyway, I  have started working on the center section of the quilt and our cat, Cleo, is enjoying the process. I cut the quilt top into a lap size section to further aid in getting it finished by Christmas. I will have a progress picture when I have to take it out of the quilt frame to re-position for more quilting.

I figured I would hand quilt a couple of more quilts from the remainder of this fabric (and I bought some other cheater fabric). I will keep a few of these handy in case anyone else needs a remembrance quilt of a loved one.

Have a nice day!

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