Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hummingbird Paint by Number is Finished

I was able to finish the PBN of the hummer yesterday. We have only seen a couple at our feeders this year so I decided to paint one for us. Ü It took about a month for me to complete this one. Eventually it will get framed but for now, it will stay on the easel. Frames are outrageous! I'll try to look for one when Hobby Lobby has theirs on sale for half off. I have a different PBN hummer I will work on at some point but I'm now relaxed enough to create some of my own patterns/classes. Housework and other craft projects help me think through my ideas a little better. This time it took me several months to get my thoughts together. Sorry about that. I will announce new classes here in the blog and in our newsletter.

Have a nice day!

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