Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Fabric, Embroidery Floss, and Washi Tape

We went to Hobby Lobby last weekend and I found some very pretty fabric. I will have to think of a project now to use it on. The embroidery floss was a great price at 150 skeins for $20 and 36 skeins for $6. It isn't DMC but it should be compatible. I just bought 50 skeins of DMC floss for a project for $22 plus $9 shipping from Herrshner's. Wow! The thread isn't really significant except that it cost $7.50! OMG! That same type of thread cost me $5.15 the last time I bought it. That will likely have to be purchased in bulk from Create for Less in the future. I didn't even look at the prices on the smaller spools of thread. I have been wanting to try some projects with Washi tape so I picked up some of that while we were there as well. I hope I have some projects made from this stuff soon.

I did find time yesterday afternoon to work on the current cross stitch project. Keep in mind there are 7700 stitches total. I have completed only about 400 stitches since I have only a few hours each week to work on it. That project is pictured last.

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