Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Update for the Black Friday Cyber Monday Online Craft Show

We got our log in information for the online craft show. I can't give out the link until Thanksgiving night so PLEASE check back to get that. I can tell you a few things to expect for the show though.

I have reduced the prices on all items plus we will have the show specials below to lower those prices even more.
  • All of our items have been discounted for the show but you will also receive an additional 15% off purchases up to $75 and 25% off purchases over $75.
  • All shipping is exact USPS Priority Shipping up to $10. We do not charge handling fees. We will pay any shipping over $10 for you!
  • Receive ONE free burlap pillow ornament with each paid order - one per customer.
  • We will have a random drawing Monday night for the tied burlap wreath with the red bow ($45 value). Your name will be entered into the drawing for EACH item you purchase.
We have tried to make your shopping experience with us easy. If you`re looking for a free or give away item find the A or AA in the beginning of the title. Find CO for Christmas Ornaments, CD for Christmas Decorations, CW for Christmas Wreaths, and CG for Christmas Gifts. This will keep everything neatly arranged so you can find what you are specifically looking for.

I spent almost all day uploading all 40 of the items in the craft booth today and hope to make and add several more before the show starts.

Have a nice day!

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