Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flower Pot Wraps and More

In our attempt to attract more hummingbirds, we have put up a second hummingbird feeder (which I haven't gotten a picture of yet), I made red (attracting color for hummers) flower pot wraps for the petunias, and we bought a butterfly bush (listed as a main plant to attract hummers) to plant beside the deck. The honeybees were swarming the pretty yellow flower in the second photo so I thought I would get that too. The butterflies have already found the butterfly bush and we did see the hummingbirds visit a bit more last night so hopefully this extra little bit will be the boost we've been looking for.

To make the flower pot wraps, I used the largest knitting loom from my kit and e-wrapped red yard 20 times. It stretched wonderfully over the flower pots and I hooked them under the hanger attachments.

Have a nice day!

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