Monday, May 20, 2013

More Bead Kits Completed

Thanks for your prayers. Our son had his wisdom teeth removed two weeks ago and recovered very well from that. He actually inspired the new class I am working on.

Last week was a very busy week with mowing, housework and cleaning outdoor furniture, windows and siding. This week will be equally as busy cleaning drapes, blinds and inside windows. Still I managed to work on a cross stitch project that I had to put away for a while. It still isn't finished but it won't take much longer to complete it. I pulled out the three bead kits below and finished them Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope to finish the cross stitch and two more bead kits this week. I work on those projects when we watch the Jodi Arias case and the Memphis Grizzlies play in the NBA playoffs. I get nervous when I just sit and watch so my crafts keep me calm. Normally I don't watch much TV unless the Grizzlies are in the playoffs. And the Jodi Arias case has kept me on pins and needles waiting to see if she will be convicted of First Degree murder. Then there have been two more phases to complete her sentencing. Wow! We also watch a lot of Titans football but that's a few month's off.

I also wrote the instructions for a new class yesterday and plan to have the pictures and prototype ready to complete the class before the  newsletter is emailed this Friday. Summer has given me some renewed energy so hopefully that will last a little while longer so I can complete several projects - crafting and around the house.

We also have three more weeks of lessons to complete along with another doctor's visit - for son's teen vaccines and bloodwork for me, hubby's birthday and Memorial Day during that time.

Anyway, below are pictures of the weekend projects I finished. I guess I should go and get started on some of this so I can actually finish by Friday.

Missing 33 beads to complete the 6th wreath so contacted the company for those. I will add pins to the back of these to sell.

I made 11 of the Christmas trees. I will add some kind of hangers to complete these before selling them.

Finally, I finished the beaded Americana angel.

Have a nice day!

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