Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Muslin Canvas

I have finished most of my muslin canvas order. I hang the shower curtains to be sure they hang just so-so. So I got an individual picture of them for you to see. Then you see the three piles of items in the last picture.

From the blue/yellow plaid, I also have completed two basic homespun valances, a toilet seat cover, two toilet tank runners, a toilet paper cover, and a standard tissue box cover. From the gold and black homespun, I have completed two basic homespun valances, and one custom basic homespun valance. I also made two cranberry basic homespun valances, two muslin bottom cranberry homespun valances, and the apron I showed you last week. I plan to complete the final stack for the order today.

Last night, I received the duck fabric I ordered last week. I will make two basic valances made from duck only and two more duck valances with tabs made from a pretty check homespun (pics coming soon). Terry calls these Northwoods valances.

You can find these items at My Adeline's Place (link to the right) after Terry paints on them. Contact Terry if you would like a painted custom-made item. Contact me if you want your own muslin canvas items to paint on.

Have a nice day!

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