Thursday, August 2, 2012

From the ECC Craft Room

I had been working so hard crafting and making video classes for our visitors that it took me a while to realize how messy my craft room had become in a short amount of time. I was looking for a set of 3 beading pliers/crimpers/cutters last week and couldn't find them. It took me four days of straightening and cleaning to find them! They were only inches from where I thought they should be but far enough from the expected mark that I did wind up with a much neater craft room when all was said and done.

Before Pictures

I brought in the cleaning supplies but it was too cluttered to even consider cleaning. You can see one pile of fabric to the right and tons of notions, models and embellishments on my sewing table.

I had my knitting looms and sample projects under the sewing table. The samples were thrown away and the looms were placed in the drawer of the TV stand shown above.

I have a pile of projects along the wall and on the quilt that need to be finished soon. I also have a pile of stuff I want to sell on an online yard sale. The bags are full of fabric and yarn for current and future projects. Just lying around.

Close up of the bags and more fabric just lying around. This is terrible!!!

The closet is not going to change much in the end.

Supplies just thrown into my white storage cabinet.

After Pictures

Models and most notions and embellishments have been moved off of the sewing table. The door is closed to hide what remains under the table. I did keep out my pink gift bag holding some fabric but the other stuff that was in the floor before has been moved to be with the other items that will go on the online yard sale eventually. I will be working on the project hanging on the chair by the end of the weekend. I didn't show you but the shelves behind the other door to the right on the sewing table were a mess also. I now have my stuff sorted to make it easier to find items for particular projects.

All the bags and loose fabric are out of the floor. I can now get back to working on hand quilting the quilt at least 10 minutes a day. The future online yard sale stuff is in a box along the wall now to make it look a little tidier than before. So where did those bags go?

Simple! Just hung them in the closet. The goal here is to use up the fabric and sell all the finished products in the closet. ├ť 

Tidied up the cabinet a bit so things wouldn't fall out on me every time I opened the cabinet doors. Again the goal here is to finish projects, then begin new ones and finish those so I can deplete this stash!
The top shelf has four boxes crammed full of fabric and some loose fabric has been crammed into the empty spaces. No craft room is complete without spray basting. ; )

On the right, videos that Terri O herself mailed to me. She is a sweet lady. I have a few loose patterns that are on this shelf. These are projects I do frequently or will do soon. Two more rows of fabric (front row and back row) on the left shelf.

For now the ribbon stays in the bag on top of my colored thread box on the left. On the right, those are UFO's that I want to finish before our home education lessons start back in a month. Wish me luck!

My beading supplies are on the left shelf. Other miscellaneous notions and supplies are on the right.

Floss and doilies are on the left and some plastic canvas supplies are in the green box. We had bought the plastic canvas supplies for my mother in law's birthday one year. She really wanted to learn how to make stuff from plastic canvas but didn't get to use them because of her arthritis so we got them back after she passed away. ) :  To the right, more miscellaneous supplies. Yes, kitty litter is a craft supply.

I hope to have another report soon showing you how well this stash of stuff is going down.

Have a nice day!

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