Monday, June 18, 2012

Knitting, Quilting, and Future Projects

I am so happy to report that I finished the two quilted bed runners last week. I'm keeping one. The other will be for sale on Etsy.

I spent a few hours yesterday cutting about 10 yards of fabric (seen in pic 3) for a new quilt top. Hopefully I'll get several quilt tops made this summer from the fabric shown in pic 4. Pic 5 is a pile of fabric I want to use to make some new totes/purses. Of course some of these will likely become rag quilts so several squares will be cut as well.

I have bags and bags of fabric and supplies that I bought for my wholesale sewing. Well, her sales have slowed so I can't just sit on $400 worth of supplies so I'll make some home decor with those shortly. I have shelves packed with more fabric and quilt kits so more quilt squares and quilt tops will be created from those as well. Hubby's quilt is still on the quilt rack. So, yes, that is a lot to get done before August 1st but I'm working hard every day so I can complete most of these projects.

Oh! And the knitting projects are getting done on occasionas well. I have three afghans in the works. The second piece I made from the multi-colored yarn didn't turn out anything like the first one that had the nice lattice weave pattern. It had a very random pattern so I guess I just got lucky that the first one turned out that way. Anyway, since they do not match, they have to be two different afghans. Each will have a solid border. You can see in the last picture that I have purchased a long loom. This creates lovely knitting projects when you criss cross the yarn from side to side. However, I am creating simple ribbed strips right now with the e-wrap techinique for a fun Americana afgan.

I have four new friends.  Kelsey, Sierra, Emily and Katie are my little neighbors and I have visited their mom's garage sales recently. They have requested some homemade magnets so hopefully I can get those made and upload the pictures of those within the next week or so.

Thanks for dropping by today. I need to get to work now, but I'll be back soon.

Have a nice day!

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