Thursday, December 22, 2011

Five Things to Love About Winter

Welcome to the first day of winter! Many people get depressed this time of the year because all of the color has faded and the air has a gray chill. But winter doesn't have to seem so bleak. Below are the five things we can love about winter.

5. Yes, it's cold out but have you ever noticed how pretty the frost is? It looks like diamonds glistening on the morning lawn. It's even more beautiful when the trees are jacketed with frozen crystals.

4. The kid in us always gets excited when snow flurries start flying.You don't have to have an accumulation of snow to love it.

3. Staying indoors more means there's more time to craft!

2. It is the season that we celebrate the birth of our Saviour and new beginnings with the New Year.

1. Spring is the next season!

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