Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Miniature Christmas Grapevine Wreath Tutorial

This is a fast and easy project to make and sell at craft shows and bazaars. Make several in less than an hour.

3” diameter grapevine wreaths
Cranberry stems
1 ½” red bows with twist wire
Jute string
Glue gun and glue sticks
Wire cutters

1. Stick cranberry stems into wreath.  Glue in place.  Cut excess wire from back of wreath.

wreath front

wreath back - uncut stems

wreath back - stems cut

2. Cut 12” of jute.  Attach to top of wreath by looping.

3. Twist red bow around front of jute.  Glue for stronger hold if desired. Tie a knot at top of jute to finish hanger.
Feel free to make these wreath ornies for fun or for profit using this pattern. 
Please give designer credit to Sew Practical.  (c) 2008 All rights reserved.

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