Monday, August 8, 2011

Work in Progress

I had a fairly productive week last week despite all the interruptions like housework and similar other routine stuff. I just clamped Dad's quilt to finish the last few rows that I  need to quilt on that half. I should be finished with just over half of the length of his quilt this week. I have since turned the rack around so I move back and forth from his quilt and whatever I'm working on at my machine in a quicker fashion. In other words, the chair only has to be moved a few inches instead of a couple of feet each time I decide to work in a new location now. With all that's going on in my daily life, it takes me a while to think of this simple stuff but it eventually comes to me. Ü

The sunflower bucket on the floor near my sewing table had several panels for my rag quilt ball ornaments. I got several of those sewn together last week as well. I'll stuff and decorate them during homeschool classes as I have time during the next couple of weeks.

I now have 3 rows of hubby's log cabin quilt completed. Only two more rows to go on that to finish the quilt top. Did I mention that it takes four small squares to complete one large square? I work on one large square a day and it takes 3 large squares to complete a row so I should be finished piecing it next week unless I get a lot of extra time this week. And I don't really see that happening. I keep the iron and an old wooden cutting board handy to press the each section of the squares as I piece each section. Again this is a time-saving technique. This is currently taking me about an hour to complete one large square. I'm sure it would take a couple of hours if I were getting up every few seconds to press theses seams at an ironing board even if it were right behind me.

You can see the stack of fabric behind Dad's quilt in the second picture. Those will eventually become new rag quilts for new rag quilt classes......hopefully before Christmas. The first two rows or hubby's quilt top are thrown on top.

Right now I have a little case of the sniffles and hoping it doesn't turn into anything major. I'm hoping it's just allergies from mowing last week and that it will pass quickly. I'm drinking my orange juice just in case it is a cold though. I can't afford any down time right now. Hubby has bought some woodworking tools for his new hobby and I really want to practice using them soon. Woodburning is something else that has peaked my interest. So hopefully all of this will bring some new non-sewing classes to our virtual classroom soon.

Have  nice week!

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