Monday, March 21, 2011

On Schedule

I pretty much am one who wants to do everything myself and I have several to do lists going at once. But that can be a problem and cause confusion rather than help me with my daily activities. So every night I try to develop a master list for the following day. I might not accomplish everything on that list but I can always carry over what isn't finished that day to the next day.

My to do lists include a high volume of website promoting, sewing, patterns, classes, tutorials, homeschool activities, virtual assistant obligations, housework, laundry and cooking.

Four hours of daily homeschool lessons and eight hours of being available for virtual assistant duties daily must happen Monday through Friday. Cooking must be done every day. These responsibilites are planned for specific times of the day so I can easily schedule everything else accordingly.

In order to keep up with the cooking, I do plan a couple of fast dinners and prepare a couple big dinners that can be eaten as left-overs a couple of other nights. This way only three dinners each week are going to be time-consuming. Breakfast and lunch are always small - prepared and eaten in less than 30 minutes.

I set aside two specific days to complete laundry each week. Like everyone else, I occasionally need an additional day or two for laundry but that's rare. One day each week I'll clean one section of the house and I'll clean the other section of the house that same day the following week. Bathrooms and the kitchen get cleaned on a weekly basis or more frequently. I also try to deep clean something one day each week because I'm not able to set aside several weeks to spring clean everything at once. At least one day is set aside for website promotion.  Weekends are great for working on my creativities (sewing projects, pattern designing, classes, and tutorials) as everything else seems to require my attention throughout the remainder of the week.

This is an organized plan that works very well for me. If an emergency arises, then I can pick up where I left off when the crisis is over. I hope you find this information helpful when you sit down to write your master to do list each day.

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