Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Giving Designers Credit When Selling Products

Most of the patterns that you purchase or classes that you take include a very special request, and that is to please give credit to the designer if you sell a product made from that pattern or class. Why is this? The answer is very simple. Actually I am providing a few answers below.

Designers spend several hours a day for often several weeks creating patterns or classes for us to enjoy. Steps have to be provided with the most intricate timing and in a way that everyone who purchases these instructions will be able to follow them. That isn't as easy as one may think.

Templates must be drawn for the pattern pieces. Many times this can be a hit-or-miss process and the designer won't positively know if they are correct until she completes the project herself.

This leads us to the fact that the prototype must be created in order to test the instructions and the pattern pieces. During this time, steps may be changed, omitted or added as ideas are perfected. A designer may actually use more materials than the pattern you have purchased calls for because the original design wasn't what she wanted so the project may be scrapped and re-started.

So a project that takes us a couple of days to complete has taken the disigner quite a few days to perfect. Hopefully you won't poo-poo the notion to give appropriate credit to the designer after reading this. They really do deserve it in my opinion. Many rely on word-of-mouth to spread the word about their patterns so let's support their simple desires. Ü

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