Monday, February 14, 2011

Finding Motivation to Craft

On occasion, many of us are unable to obtain the motivation to craft. When this happens to me it's usually because I have unfinished business to tend to. Unfinished business can be anything from an unfinished project to much needed housework that requires my attention. Concentrate on completing the unfinished business you're being faced with then work up a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule that will keep you on track. Include days for cleaning, days for finishing unfinished projects, days for promoting and updating websites and blogs, days to begin new projects and days for rest. Rest is just as important as completing tasks.

Sometimes the reason for deficient motivation may be due to lack of organization. Clean out and organize your closets, cabinets and work space. Seeing the craft mediums that you work with will sometimes spark that creative motivation that you're craving.

Other times we just get burned out. When this happens, turn to nature for inspiration. Take a walk or a drive, or simply look out your windows. So much motivation is on the other side of that window waiting to be explored.

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