Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

Latest Projects - Remembrance Quilt, Hummingbird Cross Stitch and More

Hi! How have all of you been? My goodness! I have been extremely busy. I'm so sorry for neglecting the blog for so long. Here is the link to the latest projects I have been working on: I hope to have more updates for you soon. I have so many projects planned, but paid work takes priority unfortunately.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Working on a Hand Quilting Project

My 38 year old second cousin died nearly two weeks ago from cardiac arrest four days after she gave birth to her baby boy. My mom called and asked if I had any quilts made and I did not. She wants to give one to my cousin (the mother of my second cousin). I told her I would make one though. In order to have something ready by Christmas, I bought a pretty cheater quilt top off of Ebay and I'm hand quilting it.

Anyway, I  have started working on the center section of the quilt and our cat, Cleo, is enjoying the process. I cut the quilt top into a lap size section to further aid in getting it finished by Christmas. I will have a progress picture when I have to take it out of the quilt frame to re-position for more quilting.

I figured I would hand quilt a couple of more quilts from the remainder of this fabric (and I bought some other cheater fabric). I will keep a few of these handy in case anyone else needs a remembrance quilt of a loved one.

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Finished Quilt Restoration

I finished repairing/restoring my dad's quilt and thought I would share the finished results with you. Here is the link to the Before Repairs photos: Click on the pictures to view in a larger format. I was unable to find a near match to patch repair the tear shown in the last picture so a heat bond repair keeps the tear closed and from tearing more. all this should keep it usable for another few years anyway.

Edge of front

Edge of back

Heat bond repair to a torn section

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Quilt Restoration Underway

Good morning!

I hope you have all been well.  Storms woke us at 5:40 this morning and at 7:30 it's still rumbling. I got up and vacuumed since it was too loud to sleep. Now that that is done, I wanted to share a sewing project with you. This quilt used to be my grandmother's. Mom said they had it made for her 30 or 40 years ago. I would say closer to 30 years ago because they had me one made at about the same time, which would have put me close to 20 years old. My dad now uses it but it has several worn places in it so they asked if I could restore it. I'll do my best. It is a cheater quilt so it was difficult to find colors that were close for that reason and because of the age. Hubby and I went out the day after we were in possession of it and shopped for fabric. We picked out 6 yards of one print and 6 yards of another print. Once we got home to compare the fabric to the quilt, the brown on the second print was too dark. The brown on the first one was almost perfect. Later in the week, I got the thread to match the brown and about $75 later I was off to the races.

Most of the damage is along the edges. I have hand sewn the new fabric to one edge and started on the opposite edge this morning. I have found one place off of the edge that needs repair. Hopefully I can find a close print in my stash to fix that.

Below are images of the heavily damaged edges and the new fabric we bought to make the repairs. The new fabric looks much brighter in the photo than in person.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Craft Time?

Hi! How have you been? Have you had time to craft? I may craft two or three hours a month now. I am still buying fabric and craft kits on a regular basis. My work has increased quite a bit on Upwork and I am researching for two books I want to write. Thus, crafting is still there, but it has become a pastime in my life once again. This means I am going to have to make some decisions about my craft sites soon. I had the ECC website sold but  haven't heard back from the potential buyer in a couple of months so I will probably just sell the domain name soon. I don't really have time to train anyone but if you were thinking of starting your own ecraft class website, that domain name will hopefully be for sale soon. I will post that here when I make the final decision about that. Thanks for stopping by to read today's update.

Have a nice day!