Sunday, February 1, 2015

Meet Holly Stoops of Purple Peke

Help me welcome Holly Stoops, the newest member of the e Craft Classes family. Visit Holly at her ECC link: or at her personal website:

My name is Holly and I am the proud owner of Purple Peke, an all natural, organic, essential oil and herb based dog company. My back story is of a crazy dog lady who began to rescue puppy mill dogs 11 years ago. Mill dogs live a horrid life with no human contact, little to no medical care, stuffed into tiny cages with 3 - 5 other dogs, filthy water and little food. There is no grooming or upkeep done to them. AND the tiny cages are usually stacked on top of one another with no protection from the cages above.
As you can imagine, they are in very bad shape when rescued with medical,skin and condition issues.

So I decided after my 6th rescue, there has to be a better way to care for my crew than commercial foods and care products. Luckily I was living in Colorado at the time.  I located a school that taught aromatherapy, herbs and alternative techniques for small animals. Off I went. 

After becoming certified in canine aromatherapy, herbs, massage, acupressure and a couple of other healing techniques, I founded Purple Peke.  I have owned an alternative care dog care center with a bakery,diner,grooming, day care and massage. My passion is to educate pet parents on better ways to care for their dogs, naturally.  I have closed the center to concentrate on education, offering American made dog care products and canine nutrition to dog families.  When I came across ECraftClasses, I thought, 'What a great way to reach people', so here I am.

I will offer classes on making your own natural shampoo, learn to create healthy dog meals inexpensively, bake your own dog treats and additional dog care products.

I hope you will join me.

Have a nice day!

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